Have you ever considered what Kombucha might do for your pets?


Well, this is exactly why I created Scoby-Snacks kombucha animal treats. which is basically a probiotic mix for dogs.  The bacteria and yeasts of Kombucha are healthful not just for humans, but for many other animals as well.  Depending on your dog’s diet your pet may be subsisting on processed food that may not digest well and can cause issues, just like processed food does to humans.  This can lead to many ailments – halitosis, overweight, skin conditions and more.

Scoby-Snacks Kombucha animal treats may help to restore balance to your pet’s digestive system


Especially after being administered anti-biotics, Scoby-Snacks can restore a healthy balance of flora to your pet’s gut.  You might want to give your pet, one or two strips once a day.  As a result, your animals bowel movements will be more consistent. Their coat’s, will improved over time, going even shinier and glossier after adding Kombucha to her daily routine. 

You can smear Scoby-Snacks kombucha animal treats in peanut butter or some other delicious substance and watch the dog go nuts on it.  The texture of the dried out culture is like pliable leather.  The probiotics work their balancing act.

It should be no surprise that Scoby-Snacks kombucha animal treats, can be a healthy addition to your pet’s life.  However, just like with humans, Kombucha is a detoxifier, so keep the servings very small, especially at first, and observe how your pet reacts to the Kombucha treatment.